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This Thanksgiving morning, we were greeted with the sight of several Eastern Bluebirds on our back patio.  Our habitat is located just inside the northernmost edge of their year round range and we have had many sightings since Spring.

Early morning visitors

It’s hard to tell if our Thanksgiving guests are just traveling through or if they are permanent tenants.  However, it is safe to say we will put out some treats should they decide to stick around for awhile.


I recently ran across a live video on that pointed at a platform feeder.  While many birds frequent the station, the primary guests are red and flying squirrels.  The Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Cam operates 24 hours each day and almost always has activity.

What makes this cam particularly interesting is the location – North Pole, Alaska.  With an environment vastly different than most of ours, the location offers a glimpse of wildlife in a remote section of the world.

A snapshot grabbed from the live feed.

A snapshot grabbed from the live feed.

The host, Bob, affectionately refers to his homestead as the Permafrost Ranch.   He is readily available to chat with guests and will zoom on a particular species as it feeds.  He also has a second camera that takes a photo every two seconds, an updated blog and some great wildlife photos served up for all to see. 

Take a look when you get a chance.  It’s a nice journey and you’ll likely meet Bubba, the red squirrel that makes frequent visits each day.

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