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This Thanksgiving morning, we were greeted with the sight of several Eastern Bluebirds on our back patio.  Our habitat is located just inside the northernmost edge of their year round range and we have had many sightings since Spring.

Early morning visitors

It’s hard to tell if our Thanksgiving guests are just traveling through or if they are permanent tenants.  However, it is safe to say we will put out some treats should they decide to stick around for awhile.


This morning and again in the afternoon were were greeted with a flurry of activity at our feeders.  Having only had the stations up for a few days, it was refreshing to see friendly faces gathering for a snack.

While house sparrows dominated the flock, we also had black-capped chickadees, house finches and a couple blue jays.

Our guests did not stay long, probably less than fifteen minutes.  However, they now have located a supplementary source of nourishment and we expect them to visit more often.



Fall temperatures in our neighborhood are fairly moderate, but late into November the snow flurries begin to fly.  A brisk change blew in this week as a foreshadow of the winter to come.  It also signaled the need to deploy our bird feeders. 

While there is plenty of natural food still available in the wild, it’s a good time to present the feed stations as an alternate source for our feathered friends.

Giving the birds plenty of time to find the feeders is important in the event an early – and heavy – snowfall covers their natural resources.

For more information about feeding the birds, refer to this page at the Cornell Lab of Orinthology.

Create a Habitat!

Provide the following essentials:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Cover
4. Places to raise young

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